Our Company History

Stephen Thomas established Thomas Construction in 1982. He founded the company on the principles that if you are honest and do quality work, your reputation will proceed you. All these years later, Seth Thomas, still operates the business on the same guiding principles of his father.

Thomas Construction started out doing mostly remodeling jobs like: kitchens, bathrooms, and additions. Stephen’s son, Seth Thomas, was on job sites with his Dad, carrying tools and doing whatever he could to help, starting at the age of only four! By the age of seven, Seth was swinging a hammer and by the age of ten, he was working with power tools.

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Seth practically grew up on construction sites, working closely with his father and the sub-contractors studying how and why they did what they did. Seth was like an apprentice working six or seven days a week. This was more than a business to him and his father; this was their lifestyle and they kept the feel of family all the way through to their sub-contractors and customers. These relationships established over 30 years ago were the foundation on which the Thomas Construction was built. These relationships continue to grow stronger every day.

At the age of seventeen, while still working for his Dad, Seth branched out and worked for other companies to gain more experience. He worked for Anderson Building Supplies doing sales and for Bruce Shepard framing houses. In 1998 Seth came back to work full-time for his father.<

In January of 1999 Stephen Thomas passed away. Seth was faced with a choice as a young man in the industry. Seth and his mother decided they wanted to keep the company in business, with Seth handling sales, estimating and the work, with his mother taking over all of the administrative duties. Together they wanted to carry on Stephen Thomas’ legacy and reputation of doing honest quality work and Thomas Construction became S. Thomas Construction.

Seth began to get involved in more aspects of the construction industry with aspirations of actually taking the company his father built and expanding it. He began doing New Residential Construction and small commercial jobs while continuing with the remodeling business. In 2003, Seth’s mother eased into retirement, and he assumed 100% ownership of the company, and in 2004 Mike Zimmerman hired on as the Office Manager. The business fought through hard times and continued to grow, and by the 2008, it was time to expand the business structure yet again.

Seth started going through a rebranding process, really trying to define his organization within the construction industry of Northwest Ohio. At this time, Thomas Construction and Remodeling, LLC was established. While the name may have changed, the people and the commitment to honesty, integrity and quality of work remain the same. Seth continues to do residential and commercial jobs both big and small.

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