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Now hiring a project manager. Please send your resume and information to

Job Summary:

  Project Manager will be working daily on contracting new customers, both commercial and residential. Will be provided with leads, both cold and warm, to follow up on. The leads will come from multiple resources, and they are required to research and develop leads generated on their own accord.


Summary of essential job functions:

  Will handle communication with prospective customer from beginning stages of relationship, through end of project. At various points during process, other TCR representatives will have:

  Potential opportunities will be given to Project Mgr. from multiple resources, including but not limited to:

  • Owner
  • Business Development / Marketing Person
  • Online Resources
  • Networking Groups


  It is expected that Project Mgr. will follow steps of sales cycle to make contact, set meeting, gain bidding opportunity(s), etc… Once opportunity is provided to Project Manager it is expected the following steps will take place:

Meet with potential customer to review the project, via drawings, walk through, etc. (Requirement for all residential jobs). If opportunity is Commercial, it is understood that an onsite evaluation of the project is not always an option. However, every effort should be made to do an onsite evaluation of the project.

Develop drawings and/or plans and specification if not adequately provided. All information provide by potential customer, in addition to, any notes or revisions which came from follow up conversations and/or meeting with customer should be collected and referred to on TCR Scope of Work form (SOW), and together all materials will be the TCR bid packet.

Provide bid packet to subcontractors and suppliers to provide Project Mgr. with pricing for project. Bid packet can be provided via email, fax, or delivery by Project Mgr. It is essential that ALL materials included in bid packet, mentioned above, be provided to subcontractors and suppliers. No exceptions. TCR office hours will be available for subcontractor and suppliers to pick up any information if there is no other means available for receipt of bid packet.

Review all bids from subcontractors and suppliers AGAINST bid packet to ensure that they bid job as accurately as possible. Follow up with subcontractors and suppliers with any question regarding the information they provided BEFORE sending back to customer.

When submitting job for bid to sub-contractor, give them a return quote date so to speed up the quoting process.

  • In this also let sub-contractors know that if TCR is awarded project they will be submitted a schedule with when the project will start and the estimated project end date along with an estimated date for them to start and finish.
  • Also included will be other sub-contractors that will be working those days so they can work accordingly with fellow TCR team mates.
  • Project Mgr. is to instruct subcontractors to work with one another when possible.


TCR needs subs to turn in detailed bid and time frame for project in a timely manner.

  • Please let subs know if they need to haul trash.
  • What material they need to be responsible for picking up
  • Remind them to review TCR sub-contractors packet if they have any question
  • Also let subs-know of any pay differences (e.g. 30,60,90 day pay and when from if not from their billing date)
  • Also let sub-contractors know if job requires prevailing wages and if the need an increase in their liability coverage for project.


If you are quoting job without receiving price from sub-contractor and they agree to do project for TCR quoted price please have sub-contractor sign quote accepting that as pay for project. (this is to exclude any unforeseen change orders)

When Customers need to pick out products for their project please call TCR suppliers/sales reps and have them make appoint with TCR customer.

If you need to schedule appointment with suppliers please get 3 dates and times available from customer and try to schedule in those time frames.
TCR would like you to try to schedule one meeting with customer and sub-contractor to speed up bidding process.

Review project to be bid with Seth Thomas, Owner, prior to submitting bid to customer. Any questions or concerns should be addressed with either potential customer or subcontractor and supplier at this time.

If job complexity and value deems a face-to-face meeting with customer, Project Mgr. will schedule a time to do so.

Project Mgr. will follow up within 1 week (5 business days), with potential customer, on bid provided, until he/she gets a finalized response.

If the opportunity to negotiate on pricing arises, Project Mgr. should take the initiative to do so, keeping a goal profit margin in mind for TCR. Project Mgr. should negotiate on a “give and take” theory. For example, if customer asks for a 2% reduction on price, Project Mgr. should go back to subs and suppliers and ask for the same “give” on pricing and based on the principle until agreed price is determined. Goal profit margin will be determined on a job by job basis.

If bid is accepted by customer and an agreement has been reached as to the specifics of the job- i.e. pricing and schedule – a contract will be developed by Project Mgr., and a meeting will be set for Project Mgr., Owner and customer to sign contract and review project in detail.

  • In this meeting customer should be made to feel comfortable dealing with Project Manager running the job, post contract signing through project completion.
  • Contract should be reviewed in detail with customer, and signed appropriately by both Owner and customer. Customer should receive a copy of contract and Project Mgr. should keep copy for TCR records.


Always have sub-contractors supply TCR with any change order with 24 hrs. So TCR can submit and get approval as to not prolong job time frame. (Also please have sub include any pictures to support change orders)

Project Mgr. will remind subcontractors to take before pictures of job to note any and all pre-existing conditions at job work site.

Project Mgr. will be expected to be available for all work functions during normal business days/hours – Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm

Project Mgr. will be available for an update meeting, preferably fact-to-face, at minimum, over the phone, 3 times a week. Time and days, can be determined on best availability for Project Mgr. and owner. Meetings will be kept to 30-45 minutes or less and are to review current projects and any upcoming projects that Project Mgr. is working on.

Also during this meeting, any assistance needed by Project Mgr. TCR personnel should be addressed.


Minimum Requirements:

Must have basic computer skills and be efficient with programs such as, Google email, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader & Writer. Prefer experience with Networking Websites, Auto Cad, and other design specific software programs.

Good written and verbal communication skills.

Be able to present yourself (both physically and through written communication) in a professional manor and according to the TCR style and brand, including:

  • Dress – 1 long sleeve company logo shirt and 1 golf style company logo shirt will be provided to you. Additional shirts will be available at Project Mgr.’s expense. It is expected that you will wear a company logo shirt and business appropriate slacks (includes jeans in good condition) when doing business on any level representing TCR.
  • Collateral Sales Materials: Business cards, letter head, brochures, envelopes, etc.…will be available to you from the office. It is expected that you use the developed materials to assist in your sales process. If changes need to be made to materials, make request through Owner, and revised materials will be provided and available for your use. You are never to develop materials outside of the basic use of TCR logo and brand.


Should have background in sales and/or estimating, preferably in the construction industry.


Pay structure/Performance Evaluation:

Project Manager will be measure on a financial budget, which will run on the company’s fiscal year. Each budget will be reviewed and set in a meeting annually to decide what best fits Project Mgr., but ultimately will be determined by TCR. Details surrounding expected budget goals, commission scales, and base pay, etc.…will be outlined in each project Mgr.’s individual contract. Contracts will be signed and reviewed annually.


Abilities Required:

Must have reliable transportation.

Must have own means of communication – i.e. cell phone, computer, and physical address.

  • A phone number will be provided for you which will be forwarded to your cell phone. It is expected that you will receive calls and check voicemail box daily.
  • Printer/Fax/Scan capabilities will be available to you at the office

Must be able to maintain own employment records, as this is a 1099 position.



The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of the normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.